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September 2007

Warriors of the Net

I just came across this video; It's an extremely well done, simplistic explanation of how network communication happens. It'd be great to use for the new network administrators (or family relatives) you come in contact with. The original website it came from is called Warriors of the Net ( I've also placed the movie here for your convenience.
Click here to download.

Understanding IPv6

TCP/IPv6 is going to reshape the networking world completely. We all know "it's coming" (insert creepy music here), but no one really wants to learn it. So, what I tried to do is record video that was simple enough to follow, yet technical enough to give you some practical information to take away. My good friends over at CBTNuggets have agreed to allow me to reproduce that video here at no cost to you. It's from the new Cisco BSCI series. Enjoy!
Click here to download (Microsoft WMV format)