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June 2011

captcha on every post

Just a suggestion but maybe you can look into only prompting for this during the initial login or first post only?



any CCIE V4 nuggets in progress or in consideration?
Thank you

VPN - NAT? Videos

1. in some videos with VPN you do not touch NAT statement (as far as I remember), in some of them you showed and excluded the required range...
You did not have NAT enabled on these routers? I think it was in 'ccna security' where you showed cli and in this video u proved a vpn tunnel coming up without changing any NAT?

2. In one ADSL video you showed a default static route like this: Dialer1
I read, that it is not recommended and we should use:
ppp ipcp route default
Could u explain a little more :)

Failed CCNP Switch

I just took the CCNP Switch exam and failed. It was a tough exam with quite a bit of sims. I will admit, I could have studied a bit more. All I did was watch Jermey's CCNP Switch CBT Nugget. I just bought the Cisco Press CCNP exam library so I'll put in the work this time around.

PS. Jermey, you're my hero.

A quick hello and thanks to Adam and Jeremy for a great site

I thought I just take a second to say thanks for a great site and I hope to add a word or 2 to forum messages here and there.  I just don't want to be a BOB :-p

And I hope that soon I can pester for some CCIE R&S study questions, etc
Thanks and again and hello forums

John Merry (aka djjohnmerry) from Essex in the UK

Cisco Network Mapping with ENM v1.0

I've been working on stripping down a program I've written for my workplace, and the result is a program called ENM.
The main purpose is to map a Cisco network in a shorter time than the ol' ssh/telnet + Viso
Download Link

YouTube - Link

ENM needs these things to be able to function as planned:

  • SNMP v1 must be enabled.
  • CDP must be activated.
  • The same SNMP community must be set on all devices.


default route?

In the adsl video Jeremy showed a static route like this: Dialer1

I read, that it is not recommended and I should use: pp ipcp route default

And for a cable connection we should end it with dhcp keyword.

Can anyone put any comments on these issues?


Hey Guys
Are any of the supported routers in GNS3, capable of running GLBP or VRRP? And my second question is, how important is hands on experience with either of them on the Switch exam?
THanks in advance

T.38 FAX over SIP issue.

Hi Everyone,
I am facing this issue from last 3 weeks. Its related to sending and receiving Fax over SIP using T.38. Its working fine with FXS but not working using ATA or any IP based FAX software. The setup is as follows:-
SIP from ISP--->CME--->ATA--->FAX Machine.
I have tried passthrough too but the SIP provider says they support only T38.
Any help related to the config or any experience related to such config will be helpful..

The future of Cisco

So what does everyone think about the future of Cisco?
I for one am very fond of Cisco as a company and have been studying non-stop to achieve what I have and try to place myself in the Network Engineer Market.
With all the news headlines about Cisco I'm kind of leery about perusing a career in their hardware. Dont get me wrong! I would LOVE nothing more than to work with Cisco gear but dont want to head down a path of learning syntax, studying for certs and finally getting a grip on things only to find out in 5 or 10 years no one will be using their products. I highly doubt they'll just disappear but the demand for a Cisco tech could surely decrease over what it is now.
So how do those that have been in the field see the outcome of this and are your companies looking to switch vendors? Just looking for some "inside" information about what companies are thinking about this as well.
Thanks all!

Unique Exam Experiances

I know this is a little bit off topic but I thought it was a little humorous given the circumstances and maybe other people out there have some great story's taking a Cisco Exam. Today I went to take the ICND 2 Exam. I felt prepared, first time taking it so still not sure how the questions may be on the exam. Any how I finally get started taking this exam and feeling confident in my answers ( although could have been a little quicker on the first 10 questions) right around question 24, a simulation question on frame relay that I was just finished answering and go to click the NEXT button and then...the testing application decides to crash and logs me out the test centers desktop. So im freaking out because I think i lost all my answers and such. I seek out the desk lady to help me in my hopeless situation. It takes her about 10 minutes just to figure things out.

TSHOOT... real life?

I am not sure if I agree with many people saying, that T-shoot is real life.
Here is what I think:
- exam is too hard for people with no experience
- in real life you will not face a situation, when sth stopped working and you have no idea where to start... On this exam they can e.g. put ospf in a wrong area and NOT GIVE YOU ANY CLUE WHAT WAS DONE in the last few days. It is very very very unlikely to have anything like this in a topology with 7 routers!!!

ip phone stuck at "Opening <cucm ip>"

i have a problem with a ip phone 7940 and a call manager 8.0 in my lab.

The Phone gets a dhcp address from the dhcp server and load the information. But it never comes over "Opening <cucmip>" .
Scenario is as follows:
Router with two subinterfaces
A: /24
B: /24

DHCP and CUCM Server in Subnet A and the Phones in Subnet B. On Subnet B i have added the helper address.
Whats going wrong here ?  :-(

Going for it this Saturday.

Going to try and take my exam this Saturday.  They say luck is for the unprepared so wish me Strength and Honor!
ok and maybe some luck...