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CCIE Update: Essay Questions on CCIE Lab?

Just came across this from Cisco. The CCIE is being updated to include 4-5 "open ended questions" about the various technologies being configured. Is this another method to catch braindumpers? I wouldn't think it'd be possible to braindump an entire CCIE...but who knows?
...No new topics are being added. The exams are not been increased in difficulty and the well-prepared candidate should have no trouble answering the questions. The length of the exam will remain eight hours. Candidates will need to achieve a passing score on both the open-ended questions and the lab portion in order to pass the lab and become certified....
Here's the link to the full article:

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I think this will really

I think this will really boost the rep of the CCIE, and will contribute to a decrease in dump usage.
I think cisco should make the CCIE like the CISSP, where you have to have requirements, and certain amounts of experience, and a CCxP for five years or more..
Then that way you job employers will have confidence, and will know that the CCIE they are hiring has some years in experience as well...
Cisco should really implement this

Marcus,It would be nice if a

Marcus,It would be nice if a CCIE would be like you just said, you would need to have 5 years experience or maybe be a CCNP for 5 years before becoming a CCIE.
However, cisco wants to make as many CCIE's as possible and not throttle or slow it down as I (almost a CCIE) would like.
That is because most CCIE's are in Design level positions and when they go and design lets say 3 projects a year, they put in Cisco gear. My project where I work has over 1200 cisco routers, some 6500's, modules and so on.
In other words for CISCO, CCIE's = PROFIT.
It wasnt coincdence that Cisco came out with the 360 program...There will be a boom of CCIE's in the next 2 or 3 years.
Better be prepared to pursue several tracks and have lots of experience to face real life.

Ricardo, If this is true then

If this is true then why would they bring in countermeasures for all the braindumpers out there?
Yes - Cisco is about profit but I find it hard to believe they would risk one of IT's most respected certs for the sake of short term goals.
Long term, they would lose money as CCIE would lose it's elite status. It makes sense to keep the numbers down.

I am going to become a CCIE

I am going to become a CCIE R&S. I already have CCNA and CCNP. I think that Cisco have to valorise the CCIE. It's Biggest. And then work with academic institutions to find the level of CCIE in academic degree. I think that Cisco with his Networking Academy don't learn us equipements but HOW TO IMPLEMENT A NETWORK ARCHITECTURE. And the validity period will be increased. Thank

i m going to appear in CCIE

i m going to appear in CCIE R&S Lab in march.i already have CCNA,CCDA,CCNP,MCP. can anyone share ccie lab senerio questions??

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