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Free Chapters for CCNP Route Exam Certification Guide

If you are thinking about studying for the CCNP and aren't sure how big of a bite you are about to take, or if you have already started and are looking for some additional study resources, then keep reading. Cisco Press released their 642-902 CCNP ROUTE Official Certification Guide in early 2010 in anticipation of the CCNP exam refresh. Here's what it looks like:

If you want to check out a couple of the key chapters (EIGRP and OSPF), then here they are in a free digital format:

Chapter 3: EIGRP Topology, Routes, and Convergence is free from Safari


Chapter 6: OSPF Topology, Routes, and Convergence is free from Pearson.

Now grab your favorite beverage and settle in for some sweet, IPV4 dynamic routing goodness.

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hi ,
I need some help on GNS3 .I have installed it but i have 2 problems

1.. i want to decompress the IOS file but not sure how to do it
2. I want to use teraterm pro 4.67and i am not sure how to use it in GNS3

So if possible could you please explain me the step by step process of fixing my 2 issue in GNS3 please .It would be of great help for me in preparing for my TSHOOT exam ..

hope i see a positive reply from you :)

Adam's picture

GNS3 Forum

My best advice to get GNS3 working is to check out their forums. There are literally hundreds of threads on how to install and configure every feature and facet available. Here is the link to their forum:

Let us know how it goes. Best of luck!

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