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Say Goodbye to CCVP and CCSP

Kiss the CCSP and CCVP titles goodbye. Cisco recently announced that the track specific professional certification exams are going to be changing their names. No more CCSP, it is now the CCNP Security. Same with the CCVP, it's now the CCNP Voice. Throw in the CCNP Service Provider Operations and CCNP Wireless, and you have yourself a plethora of professional tracks. 

The previous exam versions are still available for those of you out there who are halfway through completing the current Security and Voice tracks. Beginning next year, you'll start to see the current voice and security exams be replaced by updated versions. 

The official announcement for the CCNP Security track updates can be found here

The official announcement for the CCNP Voice track updates can be found here.

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What's in really poor taste

What's in really poor taste with this change is that all the CCNP Security exams will count towards the CCSP, but none of the CCSP exams will count for CCNP Security... Not a big deal, this industry is extremely dynamic and change is generally a good thing.

What happens to the Cisco ASA Specialist?

what happens to the Cisco ASA Specialist? It hasn't been updated to the new requirements.

Is it going away?? I was really hoping to be able add that line to my resume at some point :-(

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ASA cert

It doesn't look like that specialist exam is going away, at least it hasn't been announced. I'd say Cisco is just trying to align their professional level certs under the common CCNP name similar to how there are different CCNA certifications.

I don't like the new naming convention

I don't like it. How do you put this on a business card or a signature? CCSP and CCVP were more distinguishable in my mind.


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