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Data Loss Prevention on a Budget

Not every company has excess resources to invest in bleeding edge technology for the latest security trends. Companies make hard decisions on whether to spend money on equipment or staff to increase revenues. Supporting their network infrastructure is often a decision made in hindsight.  

Well, for all you network engineers out there working for companies operating on thin margins, here's some info for you. The guys over at ISC have posted an interesting write-up on Data Loss Prevention (DLP) on a shoestring budget. 

Companies that have information they would like to keep private are at risk when they have an uncensored connection to the Internet or a lack of policies and procedures for how employees should handle sensitive data. To combat that, vendors have been providing DLP solutions to scan everything that leaves the company electronically to try to prevent documents flagged as "sensitive" or "confidential" from leaving the company. These systems are typically an added expense that companies can't afford, especially in a down economy. 

So, if your company has sensitive information that the competition would benefit from obtaining, you as the network engineer have a vested interest in helping prevent the loss of that data. Give it some thought and a little research. Perhaps if you put together a high level design, your manager will let you run with it. 

For some additional information on DLP, check out wikipedia.

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