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Check Point 61000 Security System

If you need a massive amount of firewall power, check out the Check Point 61000. This thing looks like a modular switch chassis, but it's a firewall that runs all of Check Point's latest and greatest software. 

Officially announced in August of this year, the 61,000 is aimed at the largest of customers such as service providers or hosted solutions providers. The system is capable of pushing 200Gbps of filtered traffic and sports a Check Point Security Power rating of up to 14,000. If you are unfamiliar with the security power rating, it is a number that Check Point comes up with to try to quantify all the variables a security device can do using security power units (SPUs). Think of a small branch firewall providing a couple hundred SPUs and an enterprise edge firewall providing 500-2000 SPUs. So, 14,000 is a lot.

Here are some of the hardware specifications for the 61000:

  • 12 to 32 10GBase-F SFP+  Ports
  • Up to 4 40Base-F QSFP Ports
  • Up to 200Gbps Firewall Throughput
  • Up to 85Gbps IPS Throughput2
  • Up to 70M Concurrent Sessions
  • Up to 600K Connections per second

Full details on the 61,000 can be found here.

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