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CBTNuggets Update: BGP Ready...What's Next?

Hello all!

Over the last week, I put the finishing touches on the Cisco BGP Series over at CBTNuggets - that's definitely a fun one! Now I'm charting out...what's next? The logical answer is MPLS (a sister series to BGP), but the rumors say that the MPLS certification will soon be discontinued and replaced with alternative Service Provider offerings.

So here's my grass-roots poll: What Cisco certification training should come next at CBTNuggets?

I've recently been breaking out of the "certification mold" with offerings like CCNA Labs: Cisco for the Real World ( If there's an idea like this that you might have, I'm all ears!

UPDATE: Drum roll's CCNA Service Provider! I'm going to wait on MPLS until we find out any pending Cisco announcements on the new rumored Service Provider track. Some of your other suggestions have already started the wheels turning in new directions at CBTNuggets - I'll keep you updated as it materializes. Thanks so much!!!

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Please update the Voice stuff for CCNP - Voice!!

CBT Videos


I must say that I love you videos and have watch many of them. I am currently studying (very slowly) for my CCIE RS. I have been watching some of your older CCIE Videos, but would love to see a new updated, or even addition to this series.


Next CBT Nuggets

How about doing a Soup-to-nuts approach to individual items? Similar to the CCIP, where you have a whole series just over BGP. Why not have a series for EIGRP, from beginning to end? I know you couldn't cover everything or every scenario but you could do a series with the top 10 or 20 items that you deal with in EIGRP/OSPF/NAT/DHCP/IS-IS/etc..


This is a freakin' great idea. I'm going to run this by the CBTNuggets powers and see what they say.

Ccnp Voice please!!

Ir would be great to continue the voice path once passed the CCNA-V

CBT Nuggets


I think that you already recorded a BGP video. Is this a new full version or just some updates?

And regarding the next CBT nuggets, a CCNA video is always good specially when it is real world with for example PPPoE Client, WAN backup, Policy NAT etc.

mpls would be winner, maybe

mpls would be winner, maybe exam blueprint could be changed but the content cannot be removed...

BGP + MPLS, knowledge is more important than certification!

I agree. MPLS is a widely deployed technology and probably will be around for long time. It is worth to spend your time on that; however, I can understand if you want to make the videos after the new blueprint appears.

God bless!

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My vote is for CCNA Service Provider

I'd love to see a CCNA Service Provider offering. CiscoPress doesn't even have a book out for this yet.

BTW thanks a ton for the BGP course!

I'll second the CCNA SP, the

I'll second the CCNA SP, the blueprint does look quite interesting especially for CCNA level.

Since there are few materials out for this exam i'm unlikely to look into it.. but if there was a CBT Nuggets, well that would change things :)

CCNA Wireless Videos

Updated new NA Wireless videos!

Datacenter needs some love!!

How about some Nexus, NX-OS and MDS Love? Storage networking is becoming a huge part of our world. Would love to watch some training on NX-OS on a Nexus 7k or 5500UP consolidated storage and data network design. Maybe throw in some UCS B series. You da man Jeremy!!


I didn't realise there was a new offering. I thought the the service provider cert was still the old and outdated SP operations.

Glad to see some healthy topics on the blue print. I wonder what the new CCIP will bring to the table.

What about updated CCIE?

I always wonder if ever you are going to update the CCIE on CBT Nuggets.


Have been waiting for this one Jeremy. You held my hand through CCNA and CCNP. No other training comes close, you keep me interested, and I ping at least 10 times a day!

With that out of the way, I like the Cisco curriculum and all, but the real world stuff is what appeals to me. My vote is for real-world service provider :)


CCNP for the real world.

CCNP for the real world.


I think it must be MPLS. Rumors it's just rumors. I don't think that MPLS exam disapear. Most likely MPLS suffer the BSCI fate. It will change. MPLS is our future.

End of April

...just wait, everything CCIP may end up changing.


Even though CCNP SP is replacing CCIP. There is 642-780 MSPVM Exam. It differs from 642-611 MPLS but in general they are similar. I could be wrong, but why update the old series if there's a new topic that is really needed?
Many people will say you "Thank you" if you do it. Especially your fans from Siberia.

Whats Next...?

how about redoing the CCIE R&S v4? there has been new series for CCNP as well as the CCNA Lab. CCNA SP would also be a good one.

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Way to go for the new series!

I say the next exam would be about load-balancing (nexus 7000) which is definitely an integral part of a service provider network...
Most likely they will combine some various of the "Data Center" certification into a single exam (f.e. network visualization, load-balancing, consolidated network management, some security fundamentals). All kind of SONA stuff related to service provides (no mobility, no application level, etc...).

BTW, I still don't understand how SWITCH exam is not part of the CCIP... god is almighty when it comes to Cisco certifications...

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New Series

Maybe you can create an update of the CCIE R&S track?

CCNA Service Provider

CCNA Service Provider


I would like to see some Nexus training. Good designs, fabric extensions, 7k>5k>2k things of that nature. Also would be nice to know the commands that are different from IOS and more standardized. Like the spanning-tree portfast command. It is now and edge command. These differences would be beneficial to know when walking into an environment with Nexus configured.

Data Center

i guess you should go for Data Center Technology , UCS and SAN Storage. i can't wait to discover this awesome world. :D

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Service Providor Videos.

This is one track that I do not see a lot of. There are tons of CCNA and CCIE R&S stuff around.


Now that you have released the BGP series, there is only one way to go and it is MPLS. I so want you to do it :D

CCIE R&S Update

I'll add a second vote for an update to the CCIE R&S track! : )

Who cares about the cert?

MPLS shows up in CCNP route, CCNP security, CCNA and CCNP service provider and elsewhere. Even though it's used and abused in far more places than it should be, it's a cornerstone of modern networking. Please do an MPLS course on the same level as your BGP course for people who need to know it, cert or not.

That said, update CCNA Security and CCNA voice. Then please consider doing CCNA service provider and make a Jeremy version of CCNP security for Firewall and VPN. Michael drills for the test, but you have to go somewhere else to learn the material first as he just breezes over everything and instead of showing you how it works, just goes "Click click click... I don't feel like doing that." and he almost never watches his own videos to see things like how he types entirely wrong IP addresses and his labs jut don't work in practice.

Oh, on that note, Juniper associate level would be nice too. A Jeremy video which actually teaches to proceed the Michael video that grinds you for the exam would be awesome. In fact, I find that after I'm done watching your videos, I need to look elsewhere for exam prep, but when watching his videos, I feel like I have to look somewhere else to learn the material first. You two should form a team. Watch Jeremy to learn and then watch Michael to pass the test.


Jeremy, that new Service Provider track has CCNA SP blueprints already out, see
It's possible to take this exam as well :-)

While it's possible to scrap information from many other sources, there is no complete guide or training available yet. Apart from official course that should be available at Cisco partners, but honestly I haven't seen it being offered anywhere yet and quality may be questionable at least for first couple of months.

CCNP SP should consists of following exams, but this is not confirmed yet. That includes information on pre-reqs and how many exams are needed:
642-883 Deploying Service Provider Network Routing (SPROUTE)
642-885 Deploying Service Provider Advanced Network Routing (SPADVROUTE)
642-887 Implementing Cisco Service Provider Next Generation Core Network Services (SPCORE)
642-889 Implementing Cisco Service Provider Next Generation Edge Network Services (SPEDGE)

I may be biased towards SP stuff, but ... *wink wink* ;-)


Hi Jeremy. MPLS course would be the best choice as you just recorded BGP session. MPLS is everywhere right now:)

I'm following the CCNP Voice

I'm following the CCNP Voice track, and with a few exceptions the current Nuggets cover the current track...The big missing piece for me is CAPPS, finding training for that is few and far between, especially CBT..


Hi Jeremy. MPLS would be the best choice after you recorded BGP series.

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CCIE R&S, MPSL, Service Provider and just Jeremy as teacher

Since Cisco has updated the pro tracks to be CCNP R&S, CCNP Sec, CCNP Voice, etc., and we already have the CCNP R&S updated, I would suggest an updated version of CCNP Sec for instance.

The way Jeremy explains and teaches everything is just incomparable. Last night I was watching SNAF and I had to stop it (Jeremy didn’t produce this one), then I jumped over SNAA and there you go, a complete new way to learn (and to solve the issue I had with a customer’s VPN), by the way, Jeremy DID produce SNAA. In conclusion, everything where Jeremy is not the teacher should be the next step.

Also, as many others have pointed out, CCIE R&S, MPSL and Service Provider are the 3 major areas that many of us are looking for.

MPLS Please...

It just doesn't make sense that Cisco is going to cancel the MPLS exam, it's too important!

If you insist not doing the MPLS videos, may I suggest you'll do a Junifer one?
The existing CBT Nuggets for Juniper is, sorry to say that, a sad joke.


Hmm, CCNA SP CBTs would be great but,,,

Hi, ya all.

While new provider side is veery tempting :), problem is (what I saw from exam blueprints and read on the Internet) that you need to know at least the basics of IOS-XE and IOS-XR for CCNA SP exam.

I don't think there is any possibility to run either of these IOSeses in GNS3 cause they are specific platform based (ASRs1k/9k, XRs12k,etc):(

Or maybe we dont need to to pass for exam (CCNA SP)!?


Another vote for MPLS. It is the perfect companion to BGP. Even if the CCIP track changes...MPLS could roll into deep dive topics for ccie.

CCNP Voice

+1 for updated CCNP Voice Nuggets :D

CCNP Voice

i have done my ccnp before and as i told you without your video i couldn't done it and i am not the only one who already told you that. no doubt about your experience so my next step is CCNP Voice and i hope that is your next step too.
Thank You,

Something about Unity and

Something about Unity and CUCX!! I still didn't see a video mixing up everything in a proper way! I would love to see that with Jeremy!!


How about a nice intense offering of the capabilities of ACS..?

More real world or odds and ends

Hello Jeremy,
I'd like to see some product training or tips and tricks on things like ACS 5 with RBAC and command limiting on IOS and NX-OS. How about installing certificates on routers for SSH or general hardening? What do you think about things like hiding the corporate directory on IP phones? Or EAP-FAST on 7925's? Regardless, I know people count on you for cert training ( I know I do) but, anything real world or just plain fun is appreciated; just to break up the monotony of cert training.

Great job!

Juniper Firewall

My best teacher we're following you

Cisco Prime LAN Management Solution

Very hard to find any training for this. Would be nice to start with this and add Voice, Wireless, metrics dashboards and essential use with tips and tricks.


I vote for MPLS. I would find in invaluable! After that, I would vote for an updated CCIE series.


The natural choice would be MPLS. This is such a widely deployed technology and CBT Nuggets doesn't have proper MPLS videos.

CCIE Storage?

I personally feel as though there is a lot of material on the internet for R&S / Voice / Security and the SP tracks. However, in these times, with the proliferation of cloud storage and virtualization, I really believe more material to cover the basics of SAN networking would be very beneficial for the networking world.

A series working towards the CCIE storage certification would be something tangible to anyone who wants a career in networking, and the demand in this area is only going to increase. I believe the CCIE storage certification is one that is incredibly valuable. Even if the CBTnugget videos that just covered the basics, the more people that appreciate and understand the first steps will give more opportunity for people to open up a new learning path, one that could potentially be very useful for a future career.


I wonder when cbtnuggets will start juniper fully, this is very popular in SP world.

@Jeremy--Do you have reasons why you don't talk about Juniper that much?

Whats Next

Please do MPLS even if cert is going to discontinue I think it will be useful as MPLS is used everywhere now...

Jeremy CCNP Voice please ....

Jeremy CCNP Voice please .... (UCCX)

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