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GNS3: Save a little memory with VPSC

This tip was emailed to me and seems pretty sweet (haven't tested it). Check out this link:

Rather than eating up resources using routers as hosts in GNS3, you can use a Virtual PC Simulator (VPSC) that can ping, traceroute, get a DHCP address, etc... 

While this is good in theory, I'm curious how difficult it is to roll this into the Windows version. With memory becoming a cheap commodity, it's just too easy to drag another router on the GNS3 landscape.

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I've tried and It works great!!!

The VPSC is easy on your memory and it does not take up a lot of CPU resources like the router does. Once you try it, I think you will stick with it for good :-).


Can it also act as IPv6 client?

I have used vpsc on Linux.

I have used vpsc on Linux. Wasn't to hard to set up once I actually read the manual. I found them really handy when building big labs (TSHOOT) where I already had 10-12 routers and just needed something to ping from/to.

pretty usefull

In the beginning it was pretty annoying because I didn't know how to configure it, but once you've done it, it can really come in handy for connectivity testing.

nice thanks, this can come in

nice thanks, this can come in very handy.

How much virtual RAM do you assign from the default 128 in GNS when you run BGP ?

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It Depends...

On my Laptop (WinXP w/2GB) VPCS helps keep the memory in check.

My Desktop (Win 7, x64 w/8GB) I go VirtualBox Guests for more realism.

It is easier to setup VPCS than configuring Virtualbox Guests if you are doing simple things.

But I like to test DNS, FTP, HTTP, & NTP protocols. VPCS cannot test these.

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So far.

Here is my Setup for GNS3 using Virtualbox. I upgraded to 8GB because I wanted the headroom for future complex labs.

VPSC clients.

Works very well for me. I easily load IP addresses for my various topologies from several text files that are called from within the program - very handy. Supports only up to 9 hosts.

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