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TwitterChat this Morning - 9am PST

Update: Thanks to everyone who participated!
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My first Cisco Live 2012 is this morning (5/10/12) at 9am PST: TwitterChat!

Feel free to join #CLUS and hang between 9am - 10am. CBTNuggets will be continuing the fun from 10am - 11am at #CBTchat.

See you soon!


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Jeremy...I was waiting for you @ 9AM but it was ET instead of PT, by the time it was PT here in NYC I wasn't able to join :(

I did get to read everything this Friday morning though!

I wanted to ask you many questions, including advice career wise...any chance you'll be doing another tweet section?


You mentioned you were

You mentioned you were working on a new 'secret' cbtnugget series that dealt wtih exciting new technology --- any chance we can get you to give us more details on this? I'm a cbtnugget subscriber and am anxious to hear what it is...

I think I know what that

I think I know what that is....AWS

Check the link

big fan.

its 1am in Aus, have to work the 2nd missed it, will try stay awake next time. love to pick your brain and have chat.

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