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CCNA 2013: All Things New!

All the rumors proved true: Cisco has updated the CCNA yet again (see yellow text in this I post this, the link to the new exam objectives is broken, but I'm sure Cisco will fix it soon).

UPDATE: Cisco has now removed the link. This fellow grabbed a screencap of it. Perhaps they're waiting until 3/26 to announce?

I would consider this one a MAJOR update, once again moving many CCNP topics down into the CCNA program...barrier to entry now sky high! Welcome to the technology world!!

(I'm curious how much more can be added to this entry level certification...)

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Frame Relay

It looks like Frame Relay is still a part of the CCNA exam, but when i took my test a couple years ago, i heard this technology was dying out. Since i've worked in a NOC the past few years, i've not once seen Frame Relay configured, or even heard it mentioned.

So, Jeremy, how relevant is Frame Relay in today's networks? In your opinion, would it be better to teach different WAN methods like MPLS?

Hi. A lot of companies (even

Hi. A lot of companies (even banks) still uses frame relay technology. It is old but not dead :)

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They will not add MPLS...

That is why it was so stupid to remove MPLS and VPNs from CCNP. If they add MPLS to ccna, they will have to add it to CCNP...

That is why we are left with frame relay which is ridiculous... it is like learning about AppleTalk...

Couldnt agree more...


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Leave out MPLS

While I agree that MPLS is taking over Frame-Relay in today's WAN environment, there are still deployments of Frame-Relay out there and, ultimately, it is something that a CCNA level candidate can be taught and get hands on experience with without getting too deep into technical concepts.

I agree with Cisco's decision to leave MPLS out of the CCNA, but I do feel they should at least introduce it, much as they do BGP, at the CCNP level. The reason for this is that most CCNA level candidates will be fully capable of configuring their CE routers to peer with the carrier PE routers once they finish the CCNA track. This is because it is usually a simple BGP neighbor adjacency from the CE device to the PE. It could even be IGPs such as EIGRP or OSPF if permitted.

It isn't necessary for CCNA level candidates to understand the behind-the-scenes workings of an MPLS VPN. Remember, CCNA level candidates already have enough on their plate. Once you introduce MPLS VPNs you are then discussing "Multi-Protocol BGP, VRFs, route-maps, route distinguishers, and route-import and export values within the VRFs, etc...

Could you imagine...well that was a great nugget about the intoduction to VLANs! Now lets whip up some Multi-Protocol BGP MPLS VPNs. *Head Asplode*

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Well... we can say the same

Well... we can say the same about ISDN... I know 2 companies that still use it as a backup solution.
We can say the same about Windows 98, I know a company that still uses it....

I know a lot CCNA certified guys and unfortunately they do not know how to set up an 887 router! Why? Well... because CCNA teaches you things like frame relay but does not teach you SVIs and ADSL...

It is strange that a CCNA certified engineer knows how to enable frame relay, set up ospf for a medium size company but... does not know how to set up a SOHO router, does not know ANYTHING about MPLS and has a very, very limited idea about vpns, which are everywhere.

I do know why... it is all about MONEY... they removed all these things to make sure you go for ccna sec, ccvp, ccsp, ccip...

CCNA 2013

Do we now need to recertify on the new exam ? if we book the icnd1 640-822 & icnd2 640-816 are they now redundant exams ? if we pass are they ccna recognised ??


Now I feel like I need to accelerate my CCNP Studies. Learning new stuff is cool, but the rules changing in the middle is no bueno.


So will we be seeing some new nuggets coming our way soon? :) I am currently studying for the CCENT and am going to try and accelerate my studies so that I can get the CCNA before the current tests phase out.


Im thinking the same. The new ICND1 on CBT Nuggetts just got about 50% longer over the old course. I have nt seen the ICND2 posted up yet!


Is it true that between now and September i have an option with the ICND1 EXAM ?


Does this mean that the CCNP certification, or atleast the current version, will lose a lot of value?!

Which exam to take

Hi Jeremy,
I am preparing to take CCNA 640-802 exam but it will expire on September. Which exam should I take? What is there if I take the older one and the benefit if I take the new one. I am worried if my cert will not accepted on the market on the older version.

Thank you


jeremy is there a book by cisco press that covers the new ccna curriculum.thank you for the good work

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want a suggestion

hey Jeremy...i am Saad from Pakistan this is my first time in cisco world i am following your CCNA videos for my 100-101 and i am going to attempt exam next suggested some routers in your training video but they are either very costly in Pakistan or are not available. my friend is giving me one cisco 1801 Router + Switch...will it be fine for me to buy it for prectice ?
waiting for your responce
M.Saad Siddiqui

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