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CCNA 2013: Now it's Real

If you haven't heard, Cisco has unleashed the new CCNA. Quite a beefy upgrade from the old. I've recorded a quick MicroNugget giving an overview of what's new.

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Are you making more nuggets?

Will you be taking this test and creating study material over it with CBTNuggets?

CBT Nuggets

The nuggets for the ICND1 are already on CBTnuggets.

About Cisco for the real life training

Hello Jeremy,

Do you think this training (Cisco for the Real World) still should be valid for the new CCNA? Do you offer the Cisco IOs? Where can I find them?

Thanks in advance.


hi jeremy,

i'd like to say thank you for passing on valueable knowledge and at the same time was wondering if DMVPN and VRF would be included in any of the upcoming nugget videos ?

Brilliant Vid Jeremy -

Brilliant Vid Jeremy - Thank you so much for explaining the route through to CCNA and beyond. It's one of the aspects I was concerned about prior to my booking for the CCNA exam, to be sure that I've sufficiently covered all of the material for the exam.

P.S. I do think your CBT Nuggets Tutorial for the CCIE Video Practise Lab is just brilliant, and I just wanted to let you know that even though it might be a CCIE level tutorial, I could follow along with ease to your explanation every step of the way. I've studied quite extensively all the various areas you covered in that tutorial, with Frame Relay, configuring OSPF with interfaces, sub-interfaces via point-to-point and multi-point, etc, etc, but it was a great experience for me to be able to listen and follow along with you and be able to tie it all together, and realize just how much how far I've come and just how I've learned and remembered. So thank you again so much Jeremy for giving me that boost.

PPS. You def must have had lots of coffee when you made this vid, lol.

Kind Regards

Paul Lawley-Walker

Great Work

Hi Jeremy,
I just wanted to say you are awesome as a cisco instructor.
I am finishing up ICND2 on the 2007 track. and I have never fallen asleep while watching one of your videos.

I teach A+ and Network + and teach them basic subnetting of class c
addresses at A+ then B and A at Network + and finally VLSM at the ICND 1 level.

you are the only instructor that actually makes subnetting easy.

Great work.
Nicholas Ellis
Computer Technology Group

CCENT/CCNA Security Lab

Hey Jeremy,

Excellent job on the CCENT video you have on which is what I am preparing for now, I must say you are very good at keeping your students involved and awake through your tutorial session I found out I want to know more and go deeper after each video; thumbs up for you! You recommended 2611 and 2621XM and 3550 switch in order to set up a mini lab for CCENT; I want to know if these routers and switches will be useful too when I need to set up a lab for CCNA Security or I will have to buy different sets of equipment. I am just about buying these equipment so I want an advice because I am trying to cut cost; so what will you recommend as equipment to setup a lab that will eventually be useful for CCNA Security while preparing for CCENT?




In the CCNP Routing and Switching video, you did a nugget on GNS3 but you unfortunately skipped the part on how to use unpack cisco ios program to uncompress the ios.bin files. A lot of us out here are finding it difficult to use the program. Please leave us a nugget on youtube on how to use the unpack to uncompress cisco ios successfully.
Warm regards,

unpacking IOS images

Hey bobo

I just use 7-zip ( free from ) right click on the ios file and chose extract here, works a treat.


Hi Jeremy...Your enthusiasm

Hi Jeremy...Your enthusiasm and lov fr the networking world is just sooooo contagious..I never thought I could fall in love with routers and switches..but now I do..all thanks to you ..and yes ofcourse I love you are the BEST...

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CCNA voice

i got my avaya 4602 ip phone. it is h.323 client not the SIP client. how could i register this phone with cisco call manager 7.0 ? please help me jeremy.

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CCNA Voice

Hi Naveed,

according to my knowlegde, I think if ip phone support sip or sccp and you know it mac I tink it work.

lucaspedro's picture


Hi Jeremy,
I have a site to site VPN, with hub and spoke Ipsec but when a spoke or the hub fall down cause the power lost or internet access it take so long to connect again.and I verify the interfaces status with the command show ip interface brief, everything is ok.
Can you tell me why this is happen?


Good day Jeremy,

I got my first cisco cerificate late last yeear (ICND1),now the new certification has been introduced,I would like to carry onto ICND2 but do not know if I should write the new ICN1 or?Please advise,



hi jeremy
Iv gone through your CBTNUGGETS CCNA. You R beatiful man.
love you

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CCNA Security


I noticed that there is a video series for CCNA Security 640-554 on CBTNuggets by someone else already, but are there any plans for YOU to do a series for that cert? I really like your teaching style and it helped me to get my first two certifications easily.

Extreme Networks vs. Cisco

Hello Jeremy and others,

Can you please let me know if you have any experience with Extreme Networks and configuring the L3 Switch. What similarities does it have and differences from Cisco? I'm having issues w/ the vlan tagging concept w/ Extreme Networks, it's a bit different that Cisco's concepts. I would really appreciate your help.

Zain Mirza

Extreme Networks vs. Cisco


Its bit different from cisco but the concepts are same for vlan or etc.

You can download configuration guide from .

Please let me what configuration you want to do on your extreme switch also let us know which model it is. 650,440,460 ?


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New CCIE exam

Hi Jeremy,

I have to tell you that watching your video tutorials is a lot of fun.
Are you going to make a new one for CCIE R&S v5.0?


Dr. Radut | blog