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How to configure a minimum password length on a Cisco Router

Command Line

If you want to ensure passwords adhere to a minimum length on a Cisco router, there is a simple command you can use to enable this feature: security passwords min-length <#>

To configure it, simply enter global configuration mode and type the following:

R1(config)#security passwords min-length ?
  <0-16>  Minimum length of all user/enable passwords

R1(config)#security passwords min-length 10

Here's how the command works when you try to configure a password that is too short:

R1(config)#enable password cisco123
% Password too short - must be at least 10 characters. Password configuration failed

R1(config)#enable password cisco12345

Obviously if you have the ability to configure local passwords on a router, you would most likely have the ability to remove this command. However, I would imagine it could serve as a simple reminder if anyone tries to change the password and forgets to use a longer one.


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