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Cable Un-Management

This video has been out for a while and I'm sure many of you have seen it, but I have to share for those who haven't. Don't let this happen to your data centers...

Cisco Live 2012 Wrap Up

Well, Cisco Live 2012 in San Diego has come to an end and most people have likely returned to their homes and daily routines. Personally, I have caught up on email and am now taking on the deluge of tasks at work head on.

I've got some notes from my last session, but they need some clean up before I can post them. Also, I've got a couple pictures that I'll try to upload this week. 

All in all it was a great conference this year. I learned a lot and should have enough material for a few solid blog posts in the weeks ahead. If anyone has any links to stuff they want to share from CL 2012 San Diego, feel free to post them in the comments below. Thanks!

Frame Relay for the R&S CCIE Candidate - Session Notes

Attended the Frame Relay Session for R&S CCIE Candidates Wednesday morning. The instructor, Johnny Bass, is fast becoming one of my favorite teachers of CCIE material. His no-BS straight to the point style is great for covering CCIE material. Like yesterday’s IPv6 session, I jotted some notes and wanted to share them here.

Key points about LMI
Three types of LMI –
Gang of four, then ANSI (T1.617 Annex D, and then ITU (Q.933 Annex A)
LMI type needs to match Frame relay switch

Virtual Circuits
    Switched Virtual Circuits (SVC) – temporary, like a phone call. Setup then torn down
    Permanent Virtual Circuits (PVC) – nailed up, appears like a permananent connection

Layer 3 to layer 2 mapping

Networking Nerd

Just met Tom Hollingsworth randomly in the hallway. Here's a shout out to "the" networking nerd. Check out his blog:

IPv6 for the CCIE R&S Candidate - Session Notes

Today I attended the IPv6 for CCIE R&S session presented by Johnny Bass, CCIE #6458 and Cisco 360 master instructor. Totally awesome presentation! I jotted some notes and figured I’d post them here to share.

All the content in the session (BRKCCIE-9592) is regarding the R&S 4.0 version blueprint. “If it’s not in the blueprint, it’s not in this session”

Different Addressing Types

  • 2000::/3 – Global Unicast
  • FC00::/7 – Unique Local Unicast
  • FE80::/10 – Link Local Unicast
  • FF00::/8 – Multicast

Prefix Subnet Interface/Node ID
32 to 56 bits 32 to 8 bits 64 bits

Note: The interface ID can be either EUI-64, use Privacy Extensions (RFC 3041), or locally configured.

Cisco Live 2012 - First Day Review

The first full day at Cisco Live 2012 was a blast! I picked up quite a bit of info on MPLS (stay tuned for a future blog about that). Also, I met Terry Slattery who is a tremendously nice guy and for those who don't know, is a distinguished CCIE

The World of Solutions is great, lots of great vendors and booths. Tons of free t-shirts and trinkets. And of course the free food and beverages are nice too. The WoS is always well done and this year is spot on.

The wireless systems at CLUS have been plagued up to this point. They were working hard on it though and have said they've rectified the issues. We'll see how the rest of the week goes, hopefully a little smoother. Down? down? I'm guessing everyone is trying to download their PDFs since we didn't get them on a USB flash drive this year...

The iPhone app isn't loading either. I tried to save some paper by just using the iPhone app. Hope it's up tomorrow, I'd like to get to my schedule so I know which sessions to go to. 

Update: Looks like they fixed the issue over night. Just in case it happens again, I've emailed myself the schedule.

Cisco Live 2012

Cisco Live 2012 Logo

I have arrived! Here's what I've got so far:

Registration is a breeze.

There are Cisco people everywhere directing traffic, even in the hotel lobby.

The bus is a little slow, but beats walking uphill.

Weather is perfect! Why don't I live here yet?

Keep checking back, more to come...

BGP AS List and potaroo

Have you ever wanted to see a list of all the BGP Autonomous Systems Numbers and what organization they are associated with? I did this morning and after some searching, here's what I found.

There is a cool website (cool in a nerdy BGP statistics sort of way) called that is "the personal site of Geoff Huston." The site has a blog and provides links to a variety of statistical analyses and reports on Internet BGP data.  No surprise that Geoff appears to work at APNIC.

Infoblox to host IPv6 "How to" webinar

World IPv6 Launch will be here June 6. If you haven't heard of it, this is the day where several large companies that have an Internet presence (Google, Yahoo, Facebook, etc.) will permanently enable IPv6 for their online services. 

The following day, June 7, Infoblox is featuring an IPv6 webinar with host Cricket Liu. This webinar will focus on the following topics:

Book Review: MPLS Fundamentals from Cisco Press

If you are in the market for a good MPLS resource, check out the Cisco Press book MPLS Fundamentals: A Comprehensive Introduction to MPLS Theory and Practice. I've nearly finished reading this over the past few weeks and it's definitely a great place to start if you have never really worked with MPLS.

Of course, everyone is still waiting for an MPLS CBT Nugget from Jeremy.  However, until something like that is created - if you need to know more about the technology this is a great resource.

TwitterChat this Morning - 9am PST

Update: Thanks to everyone who participated!
View the Transcript here...

My first Cisco Live 2012 is this morning (5/10/12) at 9am PST: TwitterChat!

Feel free to join #CLUS and hang between 9am - 10am. CBTNuggets will be continuing the fun from 10am - 11am at #CBTchat.

See you soon!


Care to TwitterChat?

Well, it appears my friend Adam beat me to the punch on the Cisco Live posting. So, here's my additions from a personal side.

  1. Cisco has scheduled me for a TwitterChat next week on Thursday- please come and jump in! This was surprisingly fun when we did it last year. Here's the information:
  2. For those coming to Cisco Live 2012, I'll be presenting a wonderfully amazing and dazzling session (watch me pull a rabbit out of my hat!) on CCNA Voice. The session is scheduled for 12:30pm on Tuesday - if this is even half as fun as it was last year, it will be a blast!
  3. I'll also be doing a Cisco Press "Meet the Author" session at Cisco Live 2012 at 4:30pm on Tuesday  in the Cisco Press booth.
See you soon!

Cisco Live 365

Cisco has created a new rendition of their Cisco Live website called Cisco Live 365. You can register with the site for free and gain access to some of the conference materials presented at the various Cisco Live conferences around the world throughout the year.

If you are signed up for (because you are attending Cisco Live in San Diego this June), then your credentials for that website don't apparently work automatically at the new site. To get access to the new site using your current credentials, login to the old site, then click on Registration, and click on the huge button that says Enter Cisco Live 365. A new tab or window should open and voilà, you're in.

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