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An Interview with Me: CCNA Voice

InformIT just posted an interview with me from the last Cisco Live! event (why'd they rename it from Cisco Networkers anyway? I liked that better) about the CCNA Voice certification. Here's the links, if you're interested; I'm keeping them here for my own reference. It's not every day you get to meet someone like Jeff Doyle!
CCNA Voice Interview, Part 1
CCNA Voice Interview, Part 2
***Disclaimer - these interviews were recorded before the CCNA Voice was announced by Cisco. Up until that point, they informed me that the only pre-req. for the CCNA Voice would be a CCENT certification (which still makes more sense in my mind) rather than the CCNA.

Cisco Networkers is Here Again!

It's that time of year again. Starting June 23rd, Cisco Networkers kicks off in Orlando, FL...okay...who's idea was it to move this to the East coast... (ugh...3 hours earlier wake up time...)
This should be a week of technology fun - some of the sessions are a little dry, but have great information. I'll be teaching a couple CCVP certification prep sessions, so stop on by and say hello if you happen to be roaming the halls! Here's my session info:
CCVP Prep: Cisco IP Telephony Essentials, Tuesday 8:00am (Yes, that'd be 5:00am my time...I'm begging for pity on this time thing...)
CCVP Prep: Cisco IP Telephony Essentials, Wednesday, 4:00pm
I'm just excited to hear that the Blue Man Group will be performing this year along with Barenaked Ladies (who came up with that name anyway???) for the "Cisco Event".
Anyone up for karaoke on "If I had a million dollars"?

Migrating Routing Protocols

These guys at NIL continue to impress me. I originally met one of the NIL staff when I was running a BGP lab at Cisco Networkers a couple years back. We sat and talked about regular expressions with each other while the Networkers folks hacked away at the remote NIL equipment. Ever since then, I've glanced at their website from time to time - they just added a great post on migrating routing protocols:
While you're there, you can find a wealth of other "best practice/cool tips" articles they have on-hand. This was the first place I learned about the Configure Replace command...which I've found doesn't work as well in practice as it does in theory. But that's another post :).

Cisco Networkers 2007

Well, I've found myself up here in California for yet another year of Cisco Networkers. I've been presenting at Networkers for 6 years in a row now and every year I'm amazed at how this conference all comes together. If you are at Networkers this year, I'll be presenting the following sessions:
July 24th: IP Telephony Essentials (2pm-4pm)
July 25th: Gateway/Gatekeeper Exam Prep (4:30pm - 6:30pm)
July 26th: Gateway/Gatekeeper Exam Prep (10am - 12pm)
July 26th: IP Telephony Essentials (1pm-3pm)
Stop by and say hi! I'm a little amused to find out that the yearly "Customer Appreciation Event" will feature the band KISS (these guys are still alive?!?)...I'm more interested in what funky hat they'll be giving out.

What's New in CallManager 5.X?

This post has been a long time in coming, but after Cisco Networkers 2006, I thought I'd put together the high points of the changes that are appearing in Cisco CallManager 5.X versions. Bullets always work best for me!

  • Underlying Operating System – this is, by far, the biggest change to Cisco CallManager. Cisco has moved the software to an appliance model (I'm sure some industry pressure forced this). The CallManager runs on top of the RedHat Linux operating system; however, you will have no direct access to the operating system. What does this do?
    • Easier installations & upgrades
    • Increased security and reliability
    • You can only access the CallManager via Cisco approved tools & interfaces

Cisco Marketing Pictures

I'm always creating presentations for one thing or another. Sometimes it's for a client, othertimes it's for a class I'm teaching for Interface Technical Training or CBTNuggets. Regardless, getting good pictures of Cisco gear is always a challenge using Google Images. I was given a great link while preparing for Cisco Networkers 2006 to Cisco's Marketing Images which holds a WEALTH of images, searchable by keyword:

Click here - does require a CCO login

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