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CCIE Salaries


It's been about a year and a half since I posted a CCIE Salary blog post. The data is readily available with some searching, but I figured I'd post it here for reference.

Much of this data is collected based on individuals filling out questionnaires and surveys. The sample sizes aren't huge, but then again, there aren't that many CCIEs on the planet. As always, there are certainly some outlying data points that would skew this data set if included. I've heard of contractors with CCIE certifications making several hundred thousand a year. Those types of positions are few and far between, and for those of you landing gigs like that - congratulations! So without further adieu, here's the data..

CCIE & CCNP Salaries


After the surprise wore off from seeing how low salaries for IT managers can go, I started to wonder how much of a bump in salary the average network engineer would get with achieving a CCIE. This is the only current survey I could find, I searched and found a bunch of data from 2008, 2004, and older. 

So, for supposedly recent CCIE data, here ya go...

IT Manager Salaries

Over the years, I've seen many people get promoted from entry level and mid-level technical positions to lead and managerial roles. Out of curiosity, I decided to look up what an average IT Manager makes. Here's what I found (at least for the US):

Network Engineer Salaries

dollar.PNG posted some "up to date" salary information on their site last week. If you are currently in the industry as an IT professional, how do you stand up against these numbers?

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