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Violinist interrupted by Nokia ringtone

I've heard people say cell phones are rude. I say cell phones are merely a tool, it's the people that are rude. Give a rude person a cell phone, and they'll be rude with a cell phone.

During a live performance by Slovakian violinist Lukas Kmit, someone's Nokia went off. Instead of storming off the stage, Lukas made lite of it and mocked the ringtone. Check it out in this video..

Jedi Robots

For all you Star Wars fans out there that also like robotics, this one's for you. Industrial robot company
is demonstrating their product's precision sword-fighting skills at the International Conference on Robotics and Automation in Shanghai, China.  

Check out the video below.

Tesla Motors Opens Their First Major Factory

I know this is way off the standard topic list, but I couldn't help myself, I like cool cars. Tesla Motors is a budding car company that aims to manufacture electric vehicles. If you haven't heard about them, check out their website.

Wake-Up Lights


As winter months approach and the days become shorter (for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere), you may find yourself struggling to wake up in the morning before the sun rises. Well, while searching for more information on the EnduraLED light bulb from Philips, I stumbled upon another one of their products, the Wake-up Light.

Basically, it is an alarm clock with a built in lamp that gradually becomes brighter and brighter to help wake you up. It looks a little pricey and it doesn't seem to have received the greatest of reviews, but at least their marketing team got something right... the video:

Recycle Anything!


If you have a stack of computers in the corner that you don't have a need for anymore, find a million uses for the plastic bags you get at the store, or just want to be more "green" then here is an article for you:

Recycle Anything

This article is hosted at and lists everything from bio-degradable lipstick containers that grow flowers if you plant them to explaining what you can do with the different types of plastics! Great stuff!

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