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If you like reading about technology, specifically network technology, then here's a list of blogs that may interest you. - Aaron's Worthless Words, though, they really aren't that worthless. - Ivan Pepelnjak, great webinars and tons of info. If you were in Boston, you'd say this guy is "Wicked Smaht" - One of several famous (in-famous?) Jeremy's in the online networking blog-o-sphere - Greg Ferro, host of Packet Pushers Podcast - Jeffrey Fry, the CCIE, not the fast food chain character. - How could you not want to read a blog with a title like this? - Entitled "I like playing with routers," this blog is written by a guy named Adam in Brisbane. Plenty of good content here. - Jeremy Stretch, offers a great free lab to the community. Also, a famous-online-network-blogging-Jeremy. - A blog community and podcast hosted by Greg Ferro and Ethan Banks - Cool informative site about Internet routing and BGP topics. - CCIE Journey

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