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CCIE Sample Questions

Ever wonder if you have what it takes to pass the CCIE R&S Written Exam? Well, if you are looking into taking the exam, you have most likely visited Cisco's site dedicated to the cert. However, it's easy to overlook a freebie Cisco gives to potential CCIE exam takers - Free Practice Questions.

There are only a handful of them to give you an idea for the level of difficulty you may encounter on the written exam, but every little bit helps. Here's the link for all who are interested: CCIE Routing and Switching Sample Questions

Console Cable for your iPad and iPhone

It's finally here and may just be that last bit of justification you need to buy an iPad 2. Redpark has released a serial console cable that is Apple certified and will work on Apple IOS devices such as the iPhone and iPad. The console cable sells for $69.00 USD and is available via Redpark's online shopping cart site

Once you get the cable, what good is it to you without a terminal application? Well, if you don't want to jailbreak your device and load a terminal program that way, there is an app called Get Console available in the app store. Their How It Works page is very informative, they even have the following YouTube video to demonstrate how it works:

Cisco Live Twitter Chat with Jeremy

Surprise, surprise! I just found out yesterday that the Cisco Live group has scheduled me for a Twitter chat. Apparently, this has been posted for months...but the notification to me fell through the cracks. I'm such a social networking's this darn-fangled tweeting thing work anyhow?!?

Anyhow, if you'd like to come hang out and chat for an hour, feel free!

Data Loss Prevention on a Budget

Not every company has excess resources to invest in bleeding edge technology for the latest security trends. Companies make hard decisions on whether to spend money on equipment or staff to increase revenues. Supporting their network infrastructure is often a decision made in hindsight.  

Well, for all you network engineers out there working for companies operating on thin margins, here's some info for you. The guys over at ISC have posted an interesting write-up on Data Loss Prevention (DLP) on a shoestring budget. 

CBTNuggets - Cisco TSHOOT…Why So Long?

So here’s the scoop… After taking the Cisco TSHOOT exam a couple months ago, I went to the drawing board to create the CBTNuggets TSHOOT series. I was having quite a bit of trouble trying to figure out how to “teach” someone to troubleshoot since it’s a skill you primarily gain from experience. As I was thinking through it, the word “apprenticeship” came to my mind – if somehow I could get people into my head as I work through troubleshooting problems.

The Intel Thunderbolt Interface

Intel Thunderbolt

Intel has released a new interface connection type for PCs and Macs called Thunderbolt. This new connection is actually a new name for the Light Peak technology Intel released a couple years ago. Thunderbolt has some very shiny specifications, if I do say so myself:

  • Dual-channel 10Gbps support per port (yes, that's both directions)
  • Daisy chained devices
  • Power over cable for bus-powered devices (similar to our trusty USB)
  • Compatible with existing DisplayPort devices (way cool)

What exactly is this dual-channel, 10Gbps technology capable of? According to Intel, you can: 

Cisco's Telepresence Gets a New Remote!

Cisco unveiled a few new products yesterday, including this new 12 inch touch screen interface for telepresence systems. The touch comes in three sizes, 8, 12, and 23 inch versions, each compatible with different series of Telepresence systems. Full specs on these systems is available on Cisco's Touch Data Sheet.

Cisco TelePresence Touch 12-inch touch-screen interface

Cisco Shrinks the UC500 into the UC320W

I just got an email that Cisco has made the UC500 even smaller for the SOHO user. I cannot find any details on Cisco's site yet for this product, but here's the scoop;

Cisco UC320W:

  • Up to 24 phones
  • 4 analog FXO ports (expandable to 12)
  • 4 Gigabit Ethernet ports w/VLAN support
  • 1 Internet Gb uplink
  • Unity Express voicemail / auto-attendant
  • SIP trunk support
  • Integrated 802.11n WIFI
  • Street price range: $650 - $750

One of the few links I found for it - check out that linksys-like form factor:

NOTE: and will soon die!

Many of you may remember that some time ago, Cisco requested that I transfer control of to them due to some name conflicts. After a generous 8 months, Cisco has come to collect on their request. Within a few weeks, the forwarding of / to Tekcert will cease as the domains are absorbed into the great abyss.

*sniff* Goodbye Ciscoblog! You will be missed!

Cheating on Certifications

People will go to great lengths to pass certification exams. Sometimes certs are required in order to keep a job, or they will help job seekers find their next gig. The stress levels that people are under to become certified can often times get to extreme levels and sometimes drives them to make poor decisions. 

Network World has posted an interesting article on how people cheat on certification exams. In it they discuss how cert seekers will go so far as to hire someone to take an exam for them or use stolen materials to study for an exam. 

If caught doing any of these things, it would most likely lead to the revocation of your certification and possibly being banned from taking any further exams from that vendor. The consequences can be as serious as losing your job if you are unable to re-certify. Not an avenue I would recommend anyone travels. 

Nano Hummingbird

AeroVironment, a flight innovation company in California, has successfully tested their new Nano Air Vehicle (NAV). It is designed to look like a hummingbird and could potentially be used for reconnaissance purposes.

Image courtesy AeroVironment, Inc.

Check out the video to see what it is capable of:

Gigabit Wireless

Since the release of the 802.11 spec in the 90’s, wireless networks have been spreading like wildfire. They have gone from single access point test deployments to an entire stratum of networking equipment integrated into networks all around the world. In many situations, wireless networking has enabled people to do things that they weren’t capable of doing before. In some cases wireless has completely replaced wired network solutions. Most people would agree wireless is nearly everywhere and it is here to stay.

The current flavors of wireless on the market available to consumers today are capable of speeds over 100mbps thanks to current implementations of 802.11n. In the coming years, speeds are surely going to increase. That is where the Wireless Gigabit Alliance comes in.

IBM's Watson on Jeopardy!

A little over a decade ago, IBM made news by building a computer that could play chess so well it defeated the world champion Garry Kasparov. After checking that box, IBM set out to demoralize and defeat Jeopardy champions with the creation of Watson, an artificial intelligence program that runs on IBM's POWER7

After years in the making, Watson is now ready to take on the two best Jeopardy players ever to have played the game: Ken Jennings (won 74 games in a row) and Brad Rutter (single largest money winner on Jeopardy). The shows are scheduled for February 14, 15, and 16.

Subnetting 101

Have you always wanted to learn how to subnet IPv4 addresses? Already know how to subnet, but want to improve your speed or accuracy with subnetting? You aren't alone! I've met many people that want to improve their skills in the "art" of subnetting, so I decided to do a quick post to share some resources on how to do just that.

How to subnet a network (pdf) - Beginners guide to subnetting, somewhat technical though.

How to subnet an address the easy way - This page provides a handy shortcut to figure out what your network address is based on the subnet mask. 

How to subnet a network - Introductory level, somewhat in-depth on the binary stuff, but doesn't provide many examples.

Virtual Switches in CCIE Lab

Cisco has added virtual switches to their CCIE Lab exam. Previously, only routers were simulated in the troubleshooting section, but now layer 2 switches have been added. And if you are saying to yourself right now, "I thought there was real equipment in the CCIE Lab" - you thought right and there is. However, the exam is made up of two sections, the 2 hour troubleshooting part (on virtual equipment) and the 6 hour configuration part (on real equipment). 

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